Blue Sleep Roll-on


Discover a new and powerful tool to calm the mind and release built-up stress in your body to ease yourself into a relaxing, natural, and restful sleep – rely on the potent topical effect of Blue Tansy, grounding Sandalwood, gentle Lavender and a synergistic combination of sweet and mentally stabilizing essential oils.

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  • Use to unwind for the night and find better rest
  • Enjoy powerful Blue Tansy as part of your bedtime routine
  • Massage onto palms, feet, back of neck, across large muscles and down spine
  • Carry with you when you travel for better rest on the road
  • Contains 100% pure therapeutic-quality oil from completely natural sources

Nothing can interrupt your productivity, short-circuit your attention, and shanghai your emotions like a bad night’s sleep. When it’s an ongoing problem, you really begin to notice the toll lost sleep can take on you – physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. In the long run losing sleep can be unhealthy for your body and mind, and can actually become dangerous.

There is a natural solution, relying on the power of pure essential oils. Blue Sleep essential oil blend is the perfect combination of natural ingredients to help your body unwind, relax, and release tension before bedtime – so that when the morning comes, you feel ready to face the day. We’ve combined the best essential oils shown to promote rest … powerful Blue Tansy, calming Lavender, sweet citrus, restful Vetiver, and relaxing Sandalwood in a base of best-quality fractionated coconut oil. This remarkable natural fusion will help your body release stress, ease your whole self into a great night’s sleep.

Make it part of your bedtime routine. Use it an hour before bed to help your body feel relaxed and ready for rest. Apply it to your palms, feet, and back of the neck as you prepare for bed. For an especially restless night, use it along the spine or across large muscles to help your body move into a more restful state and stay there. Apply to hands and sleep with them near your face to breathe the remarkable and delicious scent for subtle and supportive overnight aromatherapy.